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A virtual planet with real world impact.

The first phase of Genesis is represented as a 3D WebGL planet. A perfect utopia, environmentally stable, and ecologically thriving. Humanity’s target for what we want planet Earth to become.

Each NFT holder (“Rescuan”) has a unique home viewpoint from which they explore this idealized, utopian world.

But don’t get used to it!

Soon after launch, Genesis will experience a transformational event, Day One of a shared interactive experience where we’ll work together to achieve the collective goal of environmental improvement. Not just within the virtual world of Genesis, but our real planet of Earth.

Become a Rescuan and create a better world together!

This is just the beginning…

The SYNC.GENESIS.NFT is the inaugural NFT for the climate-focused Sync Neural initiative and our actionable mission to assist individual countries to achieve their net-zero carbon emissions targets by 2050.

This utility NFT is designed to organically evolve alongside the greater Sync project, benefiting not only individual holders but also a number of global real world net-zero projects.

The SYNC.GENESIS.NFT will launch on the Elrond blockchain, known for its low-energy consumption which aligns with the environmental values of Sync.

NFT Types

3 classes of NFTs are being offered

NameNumber of NFTsPrice (USD)
RV.NFTRescuan Validator10$5,000
RG.NFTRescuan Governor1,000$500,000

* up to 9 NFTs can be purchased at this level

Rescuan Benefits

Company Tokens

Each SYNC.GENESIS.NFT holder will be allocated 100 tokenized shares of the following companies whose names and details are to be announced in Phase two:

  • Web3 Gaming Company
  • Digital Asset Exchange Company
  • Web3 Wallet Company
  • Metaverse Infrastructure Company
  • 3D Animation Studio Company

Netzium Stablecoin (N.SC)

SYNC.GENESIS.NFT holders will automatically be awarded Netzium Global Stablecoins (NG.SC). This issuance of NG.SC will be one time, never again. In the future only Netzium Stablecoin (N.SC) will be sold in a specific market we enter only to local residents.

Validator and Governor Benefits

RV.NFT – The holder of this NFT shall automatically be designated as a Validator on the Rescua Blockchain when the Blockchain goes live in 2023; as a Validator the holder generates income based on the transactions completed on the Blockchain.

RG.NFT – The holder of this NFT shall automatically be designated as Governor on the Rescua Blockchain when the Blockchain goes live in 2023; as a Governor the holder generates income based on transactions completed on the Blockchain but also has the rights to govern the Blockchain Protocol.



Phase One

June 2022

  • Public reveal of the SYNC.GENESIS.NFT project
  • Sync Neural website launch
  • Technical roadmap
  • Sync Neural Genesis Ecosystem
  • 03/06/2022 – Whitelist
  • 17/06/2022 – Inaugural Private sale of 246 SYNC.GENESIS.NFT
  • Rescuan (R.NFT): 224
  • Rescuan Validator (RV.NFT): 22
  • Rescuan Governor (RG.NFT): 0

July 2022

  • 08/07/2022 – Presale of 4,500 SYNC.GENESIS.NFT
  • Rescuan (R.NFT) – 3,999
  • Rescuan Validator (RV.NFT) – 499
  • Rescuan Governor (RG.NFT – 2
  • Rescua Game: Design stage begins
  • Sync Neural Genesis Litepaper

August 2022

  • 05/08/2022 – Presale of 6,379 SYNC.GENESIS.NFT
  • Rescuan (R.NFT): 5,777
  • Rescuan Validator (RV.NFT): 599
  • Rescuan Governor (RG.NFT): 3
  • Sync Neural Genesis Whitepaper (v1.0)

Phase Two

  • Genesis Transformation – Hex World Segmentation
  • Genesis Game: Development Stage begins
  • Sync Neural Genesis Whitepaper (v2.0)
  • 02/09/2022 – Closing Sale of 30,885 SYNC.GENESIS.NFT
  • Rescuan (R.NFT): 30,000
  • Rescuan Validator (RV.NFT): 880
  • Rescuan Governor (RG.NFT): 5

October 2022

  • Sync Neural 246 NFT Holder Event
  • 50% of the total SYNC.GENESIS.NFT must sell to hold event
  • Event will be held in Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Entry reserved solely for Inaugural Private sale of 246 SYNC.GENESIS.NFT
  • Event attendees will meet and learn about the following:
  • Sync Neural Genesis Team
  • Sync Neural Genesis Strategic Partners
  • Wireless Power Technology Rollout Plan
  • Rescua Blockchain & Netzium Rollout Plan
  • Neapolis Rising – Infrastructure Rollout Plan
  • Rescua iNFT Rollout Plan
  • Rescua Game Rollout Plan

Phase Three

  • Rescua Game White Paper (v1.0)
  • Public sale of Rescuan Gamer (R.GAMER.iNFT)
  • Includes Character Design

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